Boost your productivity with The Arena App: Daily Planner

As a parent, your plate is full all day, every day, and life seems to be moving at a million miles per hour. We understand; you start early, you end late, and it never feels like there is enough time to finish all the things. Enter The Arena App: Daily Planner, a productivity and lifestyle app to help you maximize the time you have so you can spend more of it doing what you love.

Keep reading to find out how Arena can help busy Dads be even more productive.

Planning your day starts the night before

More and more studies show that a successful morning routine starts the night before. Use The Arena App: Daily Planner to plan your day the night before to stay ahead of your priorities. We recommend that you review your overall project list (whether it’s in Arena, Excel, or another master project list tracker), and determine what you need to focus on the next day.

When you upload your projects into Arena, you should keep in mind the due date, impact, effort, and urgency of each one. You can prioritize your projects based on these factors. Arena also contains visual prioritizations to make it even easier for you to determine what you need to be working on right now to make the most impact on your work and life.

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Determine if your projects can be broken into smaller tasks

In order to move a mountain, you have to start with the small stones. Looking at a project as a whole can be daunting; however, breaking a project into smaller tasks suddenly makes it more manageable. When creating a new project in Arena, take advantage of our checklist feature to help you move your mountain. The checklists provide two options: 1) you can create your own checklist that is unique to your projects.; or 2) you can use a pre-built checklist that comes with The Arena App: Daily Planner. You will have access to both personal and professional pre-built checklists, some of which include: launch a product, plan a trip, plan a party, and prepare for houseguests.

Are you working on what matters most today?

Arena encourages you to think about if you are really working on what matters the most today. When entering a new project, you will categorize the project as Must, Should, or Could. Each category is color-coded, so you can easily visualize the projects you must finish, should finish or could finish today.

Another added bonus? The built-in timer, which helps you eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand. All you have to do is set the timer for the desired minutes and commit to focusing on one particular task. Who knows…you may even amaze yourself with how much you’re able to accomplish in just 20 (or 30) minutes.

What does this mean for you as a Dad?

The benefits of using The Arena App: Daily Planner are plain to see. First, the more productive you are, the more time you have to do what you love. Arena brings you more freedom in your day for the simple things in life: coaching your kid’s sports team, taking a vacation with your family, finally picking up that hobby you’ve been meaning to start, or simply enjoying more “me time.”

Second, Arena helps bring you peace of mind. The Arena App gives you the ability to leave everything on the field and end the day knowing you did everything you could with the time you had available.

‘Did I do my best today?’ Download The Arena App: Daily Planner in the App Store to help you find ways to take back time in your day!

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