Productivity App, Arena, Adds New Features in Version 1.4 Update

It’s finally here! Version 1.4 of The Arena App: Daily Planner is now available for download in the App Store! Keep reading for some of the new Arena features included with the update.

Incessant app notifications on your phone can be both distracting and helpful. With the newest Arena update, you now have the option to set reminders for: MUST projects still remaining; complete your day; and schedule tomorrow’s tasks. This will help you stay on track to finish your day strong and keep you from forgetting about that one final task you need to complete (even if you don’t want to). Speaking of your MUST tasks, you may have noticed that your projects no longer default to this level of urgency. Instead, the new default for all projects entered is SHOULD, which helps keep users from feeling overwhelmed that everything has to get done today, and instead focus on the things that really matter, leaving any extra time in your day to work on the projects that aren’t as urgent.

Also new to The Arena App: a “Duplicate” button, located in the Selected Projects options bar in the calendar view. This is incredibly helpful for when you have a task that occurs 2 or more times a week. Now, you can simply choose to duplicate the task, rather than having to enter it in on multiple occasions. This is just another way that Arena helps you have a more productive day.

If you are new to The Arena App, take a look around these new features (as well as our other awesome ones), and let us know what you think! If you’ve been an Arena user for a while, let us know how you like the updates, and if there are others you would like to see. One thing that didn’t change? The Arena App will still help you have a better day, every day, and keep you on track to make sure you are doing what matters daily.

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