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Some of our customers exclaim that we “Do the impossible!” Others really like that we solve difficult problems. One gave us an excellent compliment when she said, “There are so many doers in the world; you are thinkers first and then you can do, too.”

But, what does that mean?

For our clients

We not only provide the tactical execution of strategies, programs, and processes, but also collaborate on their development. Thrivner employees have decades of experience consulting with public and private executives, as well as with interagency work groups involving the Executive Office of the President and senior agency officials. We have a proven track record of facilitating strategy development; drafting materials for internal and external distribution; and coordinating and facilitating the actions necessary to achieve the outcome. We are able to consistently influence action through outreach and communication by leveraging our decades of experience; a thorough understanding of the latest academic research and best practices; and a ridiculous familiarity with humanity and humor.

For clients in need of strategies and foresight

We deliver strategic planning that engages every stakeholder in the process and the outcomes. The organizational alignment and engagement possible from an outstanding strategic planning process are almost as great as the workable plan that emerges. Because our teams also have extensive experience with foresight and futures approaches, those can be incorporated into strategic plans or can be separate, structured opportunities to think decades and centuries into the future, then connect that thinking into present opportunities.

For clients in need of event support

We deliver event management and coordination that includes aligning plans and strategies; developing agendas and collateral materials; and facilitating successful meetings ranging from three people to thousands of people.

For clients in need of a technological solution

We now design and develop mobile- and web-based applications in order to offer agile software and integration services. As many solutions are now software-supported, our design process is focused on the key outcomes necessary for success.

For clients with data and lots of questions

We can provide answers. We specialize in everything that is not “big data,” especially exports from proprietary software; data gathered at random over the years; and mixed qualitative and quantitative data sets. We find the answers, and we tailor them to the questions with visualizations and three-tiers of narrative: first-level answers are short-and-simple; second-level answers include details about key assumptions and context; third-level answers include all key assumptions, contexts, results, and/or findings. We also suggest future changes to data collection and analysis to improve on the answers and to help inform the questions.

For senior-level audiences in private and public organizations

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We have led the development of assessment and outreach initiatives that successfully influenced public policy and budgets. We achieved this particular outcome by combining our personal qualifications and strong focus on personal connections to the task with our expertise serving national and professional organizations, developing and implementing strategies and policies, and several other areas.

At Thrivner, we understand the importance of addressing the audience, the message, the content, and the timing together to achieve the desired outcome. These skills have allowed us to serve organizations as diverse as non-profit organizations, universities, the Executive Office of the President, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, among others.