Take charge of your day with The Arena App: Daily Planner

The Arena App was developed based on extensive experience, literature reviews, surveys, and focus groups to answer one question: How do people know what matters each day? What we found was that no one really has a firm grasp on this. People were using a mix of Post-its®, planners, Excel® sheets, and memory to track projects, meetings, assignments, etc. While everyone has a master task list that works best for them, Arena offers users a visual approach to prioritizing what matters in the moment.

The name comes from the Theodore Roosevelt quote about being “in the arena,” which is exactly what Arena is about: Working through your commitments, no matter what. Doing what matters every day. Knowing that you’ve done your best and left everything on the field. And best of all, feeling peace about what did – and didn’t – happen that day. Arena is designed to intuitively increase your productivity and your impact.

Core Features:

  • Visual and intuitive prioritizations
  • Calendar overlays
  • Pre-built and self-developed project checklists
  • Personalized daily insights

Arena helps you have a better day, every day.

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Emily Wallace and Dori Stiefel, co-creators of The Arena App and Thrivner, Inc., know all about the importance of time management and productivity. Balancing clients in both government and industry alongside volunteer commitments and family life, the two needed a way to keep track of it all. However, no apps seemed to be able to do that: There were time management apps, and there were daily planner apps, but there were no apps that helped with both. The idea for Arena came about as a way to combine productivity, time management, task tracking, and visualizations to make it easy to see what matters for the day. Now, after several years of development, The Arena App is available for everyone to start having a better day, every day.


Why did you start this company?

We run a consulting company dedicated to a world where everyone thrives. At the same time, we volunteer, parent – basically run full, active lives that balance work and play. We know how to see the big picture and plan, but we needed a system that easily showed us what mattered today.

What is the problem your company is solving?

We’ve each tried every software package, paper planner, notebook, note card, and Post-it® approach! And, now, there are team task management environments that are great for seeing the team’s big picture, but still don’t show what matters today. All have their advantages, but nothing gave us the control over what matters and when. Doing what matters daily has been spectacular, but it’s the accompanying piece of mind that makes it worthwhile. Anybody who is starting a major project, including entrepreneurs founding a company, benefits from this visual look at how everything that matters will fit.

Why do people trust your solutions?

We’re leading a national conversation about doing what matters because that commitment has underpinned everything we’ve done, always. This is what we interview people about, host focus groups to discuss, observe in our daily interactions, read about, and, of course, practice daily. The breakthrough comes when people give up the stress of surviving each day and choose to set up each day intentionally, trusting the software to visually display what matters and the time available to do it. It feels spectacular to drive to swim team practice with the confidence that you have completed everything that mattered. There is peace of mind about what is and isn’t done, and that is extraordinary.

What have you done previously?

With decades of experience, we’ve become experts at program development: Our clients come up with an outcome and we co-create the strategy, approach, and implementation. We are the engine through which ideas are invented and live in the world. Emily’s educational background is in marine science, a scientific background she’s leveraged to influence science-and-technology-based policy and solutions at the Federal, international, state, and non-profit levels. Dori’s educational background is in political science, so she also bridges a scientific perspective into real answers.

Future plans for the company?

Thrivner plans to produce a suite of software products, of which Arena is the first. Future products will offer effortless focus and long-term planning/foresight, respectively. The company will remain distributed and will continue to hire excellent people as we’re growing quickly!

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