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Using Arena

How do I edit a project?

To edit a project, tap the project and then select the edit icon (looks like a pencil) on the bottom right. Follow the prompts.

How do I duplicate a calendar item into my projects?

In the calendar view, tap the event and select the duplicate icon (looks like a stack of papers) on the bottom right. Follow the prompts. 

What if I've completed something and need to work on it again?

In the list view (icon looks like a bulleted list), uncheck the circle next to your project. In the play view (icon looks like a bubble), drag it to the left to remove it from the stack of completed projects. 

Explaining Arena

What is Arena?

Arena is a serious productivity and project management game for people who are in the Arena, doing their best (Roosevelt 1910).

How does it work?

Arena answers five questions that affect our ability to accomplish meaningful outcomes with purpose and focus:

  1. “What should I be working on right now to make the biggest impact?” is answered with visual and intuitive prioritizations. 
  2. “How do my project commitments fit with my time commitments?” is answered with visual projects laid over your actual calendar commitments. 
  3. “How do I make this project manageable?” is answered with pre-built checklists-or you can easily enter your own.
  4. “Can this project be completed in time?” is answered by visualizing effort and impact.
  5. “What can I learn over time to make this easier?” is answered with tailored daily insights.
What if I want to plan beyond this week?
Arena is about focusing on the moment. The next software in the Thrivner Software ecosystem will support you as you think about your entire lifetime or just this month!

Accessibility in Arena

Purchasing the Arena App and In-App Items

How does Arena account for color blindness?

The color palettes in Settings, including the greyscale palette, were selected for differentiation by people with the three common types of color blindness: Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia. Or, you may choose to update your settings on the iPhone itself: In Settings => General => Accessibility => Display Accommodations, turn on “Color Filters.

How does Arena account for impaired vision?

If you have impaired vision, you may choose the appropriate color palette in Settings. Or, you may choose to update your settings on the iPhone itself: In Settings => General => Accessibility => Display Accommodations, turn on “Smart Invert.

What types of in-app purchases are there?
We may someday offer in-app purchases for additional checklists, additional insights, and getting unstuck. 
Is the Arena App available for Apple Watch?

We may someday offer Apple Watch functionality so follow @thearenaapp on Instagram and Twitter for updates. 

Is there a version of the Arena App for iPad?
Yes, Arena is available for iPhone and iPad and, if you login, syncs seamlessly between devices. 
Is there an Arena app for Android?

We may someday offer Arena for Android so follow @thearenaapp on Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Is the Arena App available for the web?

Not yet, but very, very soon!

Additional Support


Does The Arena App sync between iPhone and iPad?

Yes, if you have logged in to see your calendar, you will be able to see your Arena content on both devices. 

How do I send feedback and new ideas?

Please email

What if I want someone to speak at an event or donate to an event?

Please email and include the appropriate deadlines and dates.

What if my question isn't answered here?

To start a conversation or ask a question, please message us. 


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