Take Charge of Your Day with the Newest Productivity App, Arena

During the workday, most people struggle at some point. Whether you find yourself worrying about that project deadline, or figuring out just how much you can get done in that small window of time before your meeting, it’s tough to find a balance.

Enter The Arena App: Daily Planner. With Arena, you can keep track of your projects and commitments within the confines of your day. You get to decide how important projects are for you, and where they will fit in your schedule. Keep reading to learn more about 3 Arena features that will help you take charge of your day!

Prioritize Your Projects

In order to help you figure out what you should be working on right now to make the biggest impact, Arena provides a variety of visual and intuitive prioritizations to allow you to decide how important a project is. When entering a new task in Arena, you get to decide how many points it is worth (“how important is this”), as well as if you Must, Should, or Could do it today. The bubbles you create are sized according to points and are color-coded based on priority. At the end of the day, when you complete all your tasks, you will receive a green bar with your accomplishments listed!

Calendar PlannerArena also includes a setting which provides your visual projects overlaid on your calendar, so you can see how everything fits within your planned time for the day. That window of time to work before your meeting? Maybe it’s perfect for a smaller task that isn’t as important but still needs to get done. You won’t have to halt your progress on a larger project to attend your meeting, and you’re still accomplishing something.

Increase Productivity with Checklists

Another key feature of The Arena App: Daily Planner is checklists, which can be added to any project you create. The app comes with some pre-built checklists (Lead a Project, Build a Presentation, Launch a Product), or you can add your own when entering a task for the day. This helps you track every action in your project, for an even better look at how you are utilizing your time, as well as the amount of time a project could take. The checklists also help give you a sense of accomplishment, as you can mark items off your list as you get closer to completing your project. The pre-built checklists allow you to choose which tasks you want to keep on the list, and which you may not need. If you move a project from today to tomorrow and have not fully completed your checklist, Arena will keep track of how many tasks you have completed in the list, and which ones are still unresolved. This allows you to split a larger project into smaller pieces, without having to re-create it every day in the app. Now that is efficient!

Personalized Daily Insights to Boost Productivity

The Arena App offers daily insights for every user, based on highest daily points, highest monthly points, and best day of the week. These stem from the point totals you assign to each project, as well as the typical amount of projects you get done on certain days. That’s just one of the many perks of Arena: it helps you find your best days, and it allows you to find ways to work efficiently on the days when you are limited on time. So no sweat when your Tuesday point total is low; you know Thursday is right around the corner, and you will have plenty of space in your day to make up for those missing points.

The Arena App: Daily Planner is designed to help you succeed in your life, and make the most of your day, every day. These 3 features are just a few of the things that Arena offers that will help you take control of your day. Check it out for yourself in the App Store, and start having a better day today!

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