FAQ’s About the Newest Productivity and Lifestyle App, Arena

On Tuesday, May 1st, The Arena App will be available to download in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The Arena App, created by Thrivner, Inc., combines best practices for productivity, time management, and a life well-lived into a single app that helps users have a better day, every day.

The Arena App is for everyone who is ‘in the arena’ and seeks to intuitively increase productivity in each moment. Users can easily visualize the projects that matter; think through their work; and accomplish today’s projects in the context they choose (e.g., make the biggest impact first).

Since creating The Arena App, we’ve received many questions. Keep reading to find out the answers to some of the burning questions our followers have had.

Arena screenshots

Question #1: If I want to increase productivity, why should I choose The Arena App?

  • Productivity & Organization
    Determine what you should be working on right now to make the biggest impact on your work and/or life with visual and intuitive prioritizations.
  • Time Management
    View your projects overlaid on your calendar to visualize the time you have versus the time you need to complete your tasks.
  • Task Management
    Make your projects more manageable with pre-built checklists or create your own custom checklists.
  • Efficiency
    Increase your efficiency with personalized daily insights. When you select how much effort a task will take, you’ll understand how you’re mastering it over time, ultimately increasing your efficiency.
  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments
    View your accomplishment bars to celebrate the projects you’ve completed and to be at peace with what you’ve achieved.

“While The Arena App focuses on productivity and time management, the true benefit is the sense of ease and accomplishment. Arena allows you to be in control of your day: You know what matters and are able to focus. That peace of mind throughout the day, and especially at the end, is at the heart of The Arena App”
Co- founder Dori Stiefel.

Question #2: When you were deciding on a name that captured the spirit of project management and productivity, how did you decide on the name ‘Arena?’

Answer: “The name ‘Arena’ came from the Teddy Roosevelt quote about the man in the arena. The Arena App emphasizes doing what matters; knowing that you’ve done your best; and ending the day confident that you’ve left everything on the field. This is possible because ‘Buy peas’ and ‘Cause world peace’ can finally be visualized as different impacts, efforts, and priorities.”
Co-Founder Emily Wallace.

Question #3: Is The Arena App a to do list app?

Answer: While you can utilize the checklist feature for each project, The Arena App is not another to do list creator. There are so many features in The Arena App that make it unique, some of which are:

  • Project prioritization by urgency, impact, effort and more
  • Timers are available for each project and increase productivity over time
  • Calendar overlay gives you a clean at-a-glance look at how your projects fit with your other commitments
  • Insights are available; the more you use The Arena App, the more efficient you become

The Arena App: Daily Planner

Want to be in control of your day? Download The Arena App and get started. There’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day!

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