The Pomodoro Technique, founded by Francesco Cirillo, focuses on using time as a tool for success in your workday, rather than a hindrance to your productivity. The key feature of the Pomodoro approach is to set a timer, usually for 25-minutes, and work with focus during that time. It is a simple and effective technique that helps you learn to work in a way that saves you time in your day.

How The Arena App Incorporates The Pomodoro Technique

The Arena App integrates the Pomodoro approach into any task, with one slight adjustment: Users can tap the time button for each project and start a timer of any length. If you only have 10 minutes before a meeting, choose a task to work on, set your timer for 10 minutes, and work without interruptions for that entire time period, instead of wasting it waiting around for the meeting to start. The timer in Arena also defaults to the length last-used, so if you only needed 15 minutes to finish a presentation, it will still be set to 15 minutes when you open it to use on your article re-write (which is looking like a 30-minute task).

As with most other Arena features, the decision is yours. You get to decide, given the scope of your day, how much time you have for a specific task. The timer feature in The Arena App is designed to help you make the most of the time available and have a better day, every day.

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