The Arena App: Providing Value in Your Day

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” -Albert Einstein

This quote resonates with us because one of Thrivner’s corporate principles is to provide value. We begin with the customer’s desired outcome and then think about the required tasks, which allows us to accomplish the goal. The efficient and effective strategies, results, and smart ideas we offer every customer show the level of value we provide. We are patient, flexible, and kind, and we trust one another’s suggestions. Developing these traits in every member of the team helps increase our ability to work together. Ultimately, this allows us to bring even more value to our customers.

We always remember to focus on what matters most for us on any given day, which allows us to create value in our everyday lives. With that in mind, Arena’s co-founders Dori and Emily sought to help users take control of their day. When you are in control, you are more proactive and have space and time to add value.

It is difficult to add value when you’re sprinting from deadline to deadline. Sure, you’ll be successful because the deadlines are met. But that’s not adding value. Adding value is taking your client’s idea of hosting a showcase, and thinking ahead to the best ways to make it a successful event (send invitations, manage RSVPs, plan the layout, arrange for booth furnishings, find proper equipment for booths, follow up with any required paperwork, hire a photographer, print materials, arrange for presenter materials to be gathered, write thank you notes).

Arena: Finding the Value in Balance

Arena encourages users to complete the most impactful things first, leaving time for new pursuits as the day wraps up. Living a full life includes work, play, family, learning new things, volunteering, etc., and Thrivner is dedicated to supporting that for our team members and software users.

Value-added checklistvalue-added checklist